Yoga Exercises That Can Make Your Skin Glow

Yoga Exercises that Can Make Your Skin Glow

Nowadays, many people use artificial anti-aging creams to prevent wrinkles on their facial skin. The sad part of these anti-aging products is that they have a lot of detrimental side effects. Yoga exercises and meditations can make your skin appear like that one of a young person, extremely glowing and smooth even without applying any cosmetics onto it. This is because the yoga exercises for skin glowing increase blood circulation beneath the skin thereby keeping the skin well nourished.

The Sarvangasana Exercise

This exercise is popularly referred to as the shoulder stand. It increases blood circulation to the facial skin hence making your face to glow and look more youthful. It also works to burn fats that have accumulated on the neck because the neck is always subjected to strong weight of the whole body when you stand with your shoulders. This shoulder stand exercise is known to treat acne, blemishes as well as wrinkles and dullness of the skin. When you do this shoulder stand exercise for five to ten minutes daily, you will make your skin to be more youthful and radiant.


This is popularly known as the plow pose. It is just like shoulder stand only that this requires the person to bend until her legs touch the floor in front of her head while the hands are laid backwards. It normally has effect on the stomach and the whole of the back because when you do the exercise; all the muscles of the back are exercised. Blood circulation in every part of the body will be improved and this will lead to maximum skin nourishment. To do the exercise, you should lie on your back flat. Raise your legs and torso off the floor until they come above your face and touch the floor in front of the head. Stay there for like three minutes and go back to your relaxation point.


This is a forward bending Yoga exercise that is meant to increase blood flow to the face. People do this exercise by standing upright and then bending to catch their feet. You should let your head hang freely in between your legs if you want to increase blood circulation to your face. When you bend and touch your knees, the blood circulation to your face increases. Your facial skin becomes nourished and you become young looking. Doing this exercise five times a week is enough for a person to achieve a good looking skin.

The bottom line is that these exercises are meant to make you look younger than your actual age through nourishing and rejuvenating your facial skin. When you do the exercises well, your skin will glow and even the skin conditions like eczema, pimples and wrinkles can disappear. For enhanced effects, make sure that you frequently do the Yoga exercises so that you intensify the rate of blood flow to your tissues. Yoga works naturally so even when you do the exercises for many times a week, you will still experience no adverse side effects.