Use of Herbs & Spices

Use of Spices and Herbs for everyday healing

The thought of herbs and spices makes us imagine the aromatic food and we picture the different colors and powders of different spices that are stored in containers in our kitchen cabinets. Spices perform an excellent function of adding different flavors to our food and make it delicious. Even a pinch of turmeric or a teaspoon of red pepper powder can drastically transform the color and the flavor of our food.

There is definitely more to herbs and spices than just their color and aroma. Did we know that herbs and spices also offer many health benefits and can be used as a remedy for various health problems?

This article highlights the benefits received from everyday spices and herbs such as Turmeric, Ginger, Cumin and Cinnamon.

These are spices that are readily available in the market either in solid or powdered form. All spices originate from flowers, fruits, seeds and barks and thus they are 100 percent safe.


Turmeric is widely used in Asian cooking because of its warm and bitter taste. Its rich yellow color is from the colored chemical called curcumin. Besides its flavor and color, turmeric has several medicinal properties.

Speeds wound healing. Applying powdered turmeric or making a turmeric paste with a few drops of water and applying to a fresh wound can be an immediate cure to the wounds. It also acts as a pain reliever for sprains, bruises, infected wounds, and even gum diseases.

Relieves headache. Headache is a common problem in this busy chaotic life. Severe headaches such as migraine can also be aided by turmeric. To cure a headache, you can use a steaming pot of hot water and add a teaspoon of turmeric to it and then inhale the aroma of the steaming water for about 10-12 minutes.

Decongestant. During prolonged periods of cold and cough, including dry cough, turmeric can be of great help. Making a turmeric paste with a few drops of water or rose water and applying it on the forehead, chest, and to the soles of the feet, can be a great remedy.

Turmeric is also beneficial for acne, arthritis, joint pain, and diabetes; it even possesses anti – cancer benefits.

The chemical curcumin in turmeric has inflammation proprieties and thus, any problem related to inflammation can be cured with this spice.


Ginger is received from the roots of the ginger plant that is commonly grown in parts of Asia, including China, Japan and India. A famous beverage that can be prepared using ginger is the ginger tea that is known to be consumed in large quantities during the winter months.

Ginger can cure major stomach issues such as motion sickness and nausea. Nowadays doctors recommend ginger to pregnant women to aid in morning sickness. Ginger can also cure an upset stomach, gas problems, and diarrhea.

Ginger juice, when applied to the skin, can treat heat burns. Similarly, the ginger oil used in the aromatherapy can be safely applied to the skin to prevent insect bites or skin disorders and to relieve pain.


Cumin seeds are grown and then grounded into powdered form. It has a distinct and pleasant taste and is added to food alongside other spices.

For Diabetes. Cumin helps patients with diabetes as drinking cumin juice can act as a substitute for tablets. A patient can avoid consuming any tablets / pills to control diabetes and instead drink a glass of cumin juice every morning.

For women related health problems. Cumin helps increase urine flow to avoid bloating or bladder infections. It is also helpful to start menstruation and can help in irregular periods. It is also known to increase the milk flow in nursing mothers.

Other benefits. Cumin has several medicinal properties that provide help with indigestion, food poisoning, gas problems, and diarrhea. For consumption purposes, you may either add cumin powder to warm water and drink it; or, gulp cumin seeds with water.


Mint is enjoyed in the form of a peppermint tea which provides a cooling effect and helps in digestion.

This fresh green colored herb can be easily grown as a plant in your backyard. It produces leaves that can be used for a variety of purposes. Mint is also being used in the since it can prevent tooth decay.

Mint paste can be prepared and applied to the skin as relief from skin disorders. Similarly, it is also known to provide a calming effect to the brain.

Mint when used with beverages such as lime water can be a healthy drink for weight loss.

The idea to mention the health benefits of different herbs and spices is to promote their use as medicines and thereby to increase their use and growth. There are several dangerous long-term implications is the continuous use of chemical-based pills and thus we should avoid their consumption and increase the use of different herbs and spices. They are easily available at a much lower cost, highly durable and can be prepared in no time in the comfort of your home.