Can Your Yoga Wear Be Worn At Work?



Athleisure wear is undoubtedly becoming more popular in every aspect of the fashion world. Modern-day yogis fit in with the trend, being mindful of the fashion-conscious element of selecting the right outfit for their practice. Yoga leggings, yoga pants, and other famous pieces of workout clothing are making their debut in the streets as well as in gyms and studios. The next logical place where this type of attire will surface would logically be the workplace.

Even with the most impeccably curated yoga outfit, is it acceptable for your yoga wear to be worn at work?

For some yogis, the desire to wear their yoga gear to work merely is one borne of convenience. The frantic pace of the daily grind can leave them rushing to make it to the yoga studio on their lunch breaks or after they clock out for the day. Being appropriately dressed for the practice throughout the day saves them valuable time when it comes to arriving to class prepared.

It can also leave yogis feeling inspired to incorporate their yoga practice into their daily routine. When they’re comfortably dressed, it makes it easier to sit with correct posture, to breathe naturally, and to stretch throughout the day. Seeing your yoga attire as you work can be a constant visual reminder to stay present in bringing your practice off the mat and into the workplace.

Whether or not your yoga wear can be worn at work ultimately depends on what you do for a living. A high-powered CEO may not have the flexibility to wear yoga pants or high-waisted Capri leggings to their annual board meetings. However, a customer service phone representative may have the opportunity to dress more casually. Yogis will need to really evaluate the daily demands of their career to determine if yoga wear could be adaptable for the office.

One of the best things about yoga wear is the ability to transform it from casual to chic with just a few key pieces. There are plenty of ways to dress up a pair of solid black yoga leggings also. You may be able to pair them with a nicer tunic top that would be more appropriate for the workplace than a workout tank top. Coupled with a pair of elegant wedges or knee-high riding boots, you can elevate a comfortable and straightforward yoga apparel staple into office-worthy attire.

Don’t forget that sparkling jewelry can also elevate your outfit a few notches above casual.

Women may even be able to pair their yoga leggings with a dress, adding an extra layer of warmth for the chillier months. It is a great way to get more use out of old clothes and dresses that may be just a touch shorter than you would prefer. You can recycle these items and make them appropriate for the office.



Wearing your yoga outfit to work is ultimately up to your specific business place and an employer, but there are lots of ways you may be able to incorporate it into your wardrobe without many people noticing.